Action a Fault Report

This article assumes there are existing Open Fault Reports in your system.
Click the ‘Repairs’ (1) option in the sidebar or click the ‘Maintenance’ (2) dropdown and select ‘Repairs’ (3):
Click the ‘Fault Reports’ (1) button:
Find the Fault Report you wish to action in the table and click it:
You have several actions you can take on the Fault Report:
The tables below only show open items. There must be an open Tyre or Repair to append or link.
 – Create new Repair and Repair Item
 – Link to an existing Repair
 – Append to an existing Repair (i.e. add new Repair Item to existing Repair)
 – Create new Tyre and Tyre Item
 – Link to an existing Tyre
 – Append to an existing Tyre (i.e. add new Tyre Item to existing Tyre)
 – Create new Non-Conformance
 – Link to existing Non-Conformance
 – Archive
After one of the above actions has been taken, returning to the Fault Report presents you with the information regarding the action taken:
If you opted to create, link or append to an item then it will display a clickable link to this item. Clicking it takes you to the related item.
Depending on your user-permissions in the Maintenance module you will also be able to reopen a Fault Report. Reopening a Fault Report will not remove any newly created, linked or appended items, these must manually be deleted if they are no longer required.