Gearbox Updates 27/09/21

We are moving away from this Support site. Our new site can be found here. All knowledge base articles can be found at the new site, and from 4th October, the Gearbox updates posts will only be made on the new site.


  • Custom warning intervals can now be configured for different Medical types. This feature has primarily been added for customers who have set up a ‘Covid-19 Test’ Medical type that gets updated every 3 days, making the standard 14 and 7 day warning intervals ineffective. To set up custom warning intervals, go to Settings > Medical Types and you can edit the intervals for each type of medical. We have also added a Medical Type filter to all tables relating to medicals.


  • When viewing the active vehicles in a service group, the Vehicle Make column was not displaying any information. This bug has been fixed so that information is shown correctly.