Gearbox Updates 27/04/21


  • Updates have been made to the Parts Used reports. Columns have been added for BIN/Location and Repairer. We have also added the functionality to run the reports grouped by Site (for systems with multi-site inventory enabled).
  • The Wiise integration has been improved so that purchase order documents can be exported from Gearbox to Wiise.
  • GL codes can now be edited after a PO has been exported.

Bug Fixes

  • Documents uploaded via the Update Registration Due tool for rego and/or CTP were being displayed under Unprocessed Documents. This bug has been fixed so that the documents are displayed in the Processed Documents table.
  • Systems with a large number of assets (>2000) were unable to run the Vehicle Settings XLSX report due to time outs because we increased the amount of data the reports show. We have changed the report to run in the background, the same as the PDF report, to prevent timeouts.
  • We have changed the Update Registration Due function so that CTP fields are no longer mandatory.