Gearbox Updates 25/03/21


  • The process of uploading relevant documents when updating a rego has been streamlined. Now when clicking the ‘Update Registration Due’ button on the Registration Due table, users can upload documents directly to the popup. Other records are also automatically created with the information entered in the rego and CTP fields.
  • Columns for axle information have been added to the Vehicle Settings XLSX Report. For each axle group, the additional columns are: axle configuration, axle make, rims, tyre size, suspension, brakes, slack adjusters and differential.
  • A Description field has been added to the Prestart Register XLSX report. This column concatenates the vehicle’s make, model and type. The Prestart spare fields have also been added to this report.
  • Options to ‘Email to me’ and ‘Email to Supplier’ have been added to Inspection jobcards.

Bug Fixes

  • When deleting a purchase order item and not saving the page, the cost and tax values for the PO were not updating. This issue has now been fixed.
  • We have fixed a bug with the Cancel button displayed when viewing a document redirecting users to the wrong page.