Gearbox Updates 24/08/21

New Feature

  • Inspection ejobcards have been added to Gearbox. They function very similarly to service ejobcards, with the checklist items, tyregram and brake testing sections. You can configure the mechanic and manager signoff statements in Settings > Inspection Types.


  • Prestart users can now enter decimal places into the odometer and hourmeter fields in the Prestart web app. Previously, this would raise an error and users would be unable to submit a prestart. We have changed this functionality to work the same way as Prestart native – users can enter decimal places, but the number will be round down when shown in Gearbox.
  • Three columns have been added to the Current Asset Summary report: the date of the last prestart for the selected time period and the odometer and hourmeter readings recorded in that prestart.
  • We have changed the way service type aliases are stored. Previously, if a vehicle changed service group then the aliases of past services would change to match the aliases of the new service group (this can be seen in the Closed Services table). This has been revised so that the service type aliases are fixed for closed services and do not change if the vehicle changes service group.

Bug Fix

  • We have fixed a bug in the Current Asset Summary report that was displaying the total costs in the wrong column.