Gearbox Updates 20/05/21


  • A Used Parts Summary Report has been added to Gearbox. It shows the current stock level and quantity used for the period, without showing every transaction. The aim of the report is to help users make decisions about reorder levels. The report is available in both PDF and XLSX formats.
  • The Total column on the Completed Vehicle Prestarts and Completed Employee Prestarts reports has been updated. It previously showed the total number of days a prestart was completed either on a vehicle or by an employee. It now shows the total number of prestarts completed on a vehicle or by an employee, which may be higher if multiple prestarts were completed on the same day.

Bug Fixes

  • For vehicles with odometer offsets, the visual mileage field was not always being displayed when users added new load sheets. This issue has been fixed so that the field is always displayed.
  • The Completed Vehicle Prestarts by Month Report was displaying Prestart records with incorrect colour coding. This issue has now been fixed.