Gearbox Updates 17/03/21


  • Columns for vehicle Make and Model have been added to the Maintenance Running Costs XLSX reports so that it is easier for users to identify which vehicle the record relates to.
  • We have added the ‘Assigned to’ name to the Repairer column of the Open and Closed Inspection tables. This has made the column consistent with the Repairer column in the Service and Repair tables.
  • Columns for Steer Weight and Drive Weight have been added to the Load Sheet XLSX report.

Bug Fixes

  • Systems with a large number of prestart records were experiencing issues when generating a PDF of all prestart records. The Prestart Register PDF has been limited to 10,000 records and the XLSX report to 1,000,000 records to prevent time-outs.
  • Systems with the Easy Allocate integration enabled were unable to search the Easy Allocate Assets table by group. This bug has now been fixed.