Gearbox Updates 16/12/20


  • Tyre ejobcards have been added to Gearbox. Previously the only way to fill out a tyre jobcard was to print it out and then attach a scan of the completed paperwork to the tyre job. Now mechanics can fill out tyre ejobcards in Gearbox the same way they complete repair ejobcards.
  • We have updated the ejobcard signoff statements so that there are separate statements for the mechanic signoff and the manager signoff. These can be edited in Service Group settings, underneath the service intervals.

Bug Fixes

  • When failing an item in a prestart with a truck + 1 trailer combination, there was a bug causing all fault reports to be created against the truck, even if an item on the trailer failed. This bug has now been fixed.
  • Some incorrect column names on the Open Tyres table have been fixed.