Gearbox Updates 16/09/21


  • In Prestart Web, the current highest meter readings have been added to the screen at the end of a prestart where odometer and hourmeter readings are entered. This should prevent users from entering incorrect numbers.

Bug Fixes

  • Users with read-only access to Settings but Standard or higher permissions in the Maintenance module were unable to create repair types on the fly. This issue has been resolved so that the ability to add repair types depends on the ‘repair type add on the fly’ setting, not the user’s permission level.
  • Hubometer readings entered via Prestart Web were not importing to Gearbox. This bug has been fixed so that all meter readings are sent to Gearbox as soon as a prestart is submitted.
  • In Prestart Web, a bug was fixed with trailer checklists appearing in a different order to what was selected at the beginning of the prestart.