Gearbox Updates 16/06/21

Bug Fixes

  • Repairs with Monitor, Deferred or Cancelled status were not being displayed when looking at Current Open Repairs on Prestart Native. This has been fixed so that all repairs that are not closed are displayed. We have also added the status of each Repair work order to the screen.
  • The All Prestarts table was failing to display results based on terms entered into the Search field. This bug has now been fixed.
  • In individual Prestart reports, user timezone was not being factored into the ‘Completed At’ field. All times were showing in AEST. This issue has been fixed so that the record’s timestamp reflects the selected timezone of the user.
  • Android devices running API 29 were unable to submit prestarts or upload images for fault reports. We have now fixed this issue.
  • When fuel records were created in Prestart Native, the litres of fuel value was being rounded to the nearest whole number. We have changed this so that litres are displayed to 2 decimal places.