Gearbox Updates 15/02/20


  • The Open Service Detailed Report and the Open Service Report have been consolidated. As a result, the Open Service Detailed Report has been removed and columns for Date Scheduled and Service Alias have been added to the Open Service Report. A column for Site has also been added for businesses with multi-site inventory enabled.
  • The email that is sent following successful mileage imports has been updated to include links to the latest mileage imports, services due by kms and services due by hours.
  • For businesses utilising our integration with EasyAllocate, vehicle readings from ERoad are no longer being sent from Gearbox to EasyAllocate. This is because EasyAllocate has integrated with ERoad directly. Mileage records from other integrations are still being sent through.
  • A column for Service Group has been added to the Sold Asset XLSX report.

Bug Fixes

  • Documents emailed into Gearbox were being renamed to an auto-generated name to reduce the likelihood of files with the same name being uploaded and the incorrect one being stored. However, this was preventing users from searching for the document, so we have updated the email document function so that the file name is kept the same as it is on the email attachment, prefixed with a random string of 5 characters to prevent duplication errors.
  • When the character limit in the Reference # field for a Purchase Order was exceeded, the page was failing to save. This bug has now been fixed.
  • The RUC Report has been updated to include all assets not excluded from RUC, not just those with low remaining kilometres.