Gearbox Updates 04/03/21


  • The Scheduled Kms and Scheduled Hours fields on the Service form now auto-fill. When a new service is created by clicking the green ‘New Service’ button on the Open Services table, the scheduled kms and hours fields will display the current highest readings in Gearbox. When creating a new service by clicking on a progress bar on the Services Due by Kms table, the values displayed in the progress bar are displayed in the scheduled kms and hours fields. These numbers can be overridden if you wish to use other values instead.
  • The Other import function has ben updated with the following changes:
    • The Other import screen shows a history of imports and the data imported
    • Both successful and failed imports can be downloaded
    • Managers can revert the last successful import and super admins can revert any successful import
    • Emails are no longer sent out for successful or failed imports.

All imports will be updated to include these changes.