Gearbox Updates 03/08/20

  • We have added a Job # column to the Open, Closed, Deferred and Monitored Repairs XLSX reports, so any information entered into the Job # field on the Repair edit screen will appear on the relevant report.
  • Additional columns have been added to the Parts edit screen to show more useful information in one view. In the Purchase History tab, columns have been added for Invoice # and Supplier. In the Usage tab, columns have been added for PO # and Invoice #. In the Stock Adjustments tab, there is a new column for the Stock Adjustment # to make it easier for users to distinguish between records.
  • Also in the Stock Adjustments tab on the Parts edit screen, the records listed have been turned into links so that users can click on them and be taken to the Stock Adjustment to view more information.
  • There was a bug preventing GVM values from being displayed on the Accredited Vehicles table. This bug has now been fixed.
  • We have resolved an issue with users being automatically logged out of Gearbox when editing a Purchase Order item with no associated parts.
  • When creating a service for a vehicle with Service Parts attached to it, the Parts table was not autofilling with the supplier’s name. This issue has now been fixed.
  • A notification has been added when a Prestart checklist cannot be deleted, explaining why the checklist cannot be deleted.