Gearbox Updates 26/10/20

Enhancements A tyregram has been added to the Inspection PDF jobcard. This feature is automatically hidden so to enable it, go to Settings > System Parameters and change the value for ‘Inspection_Tyregram’ from False to True. Changes have been made to the way documents are uploaded into Gearbox which has […]

Gearbox Updates 13/10/20

Enhancement We have added the option to filter all Purchase Order reports by PO Group/Template. Bug Fix There was an issue with the Parts Usage tables showing multiple rows for the same part and Service/Repair/Tyre job. This bug has now been resolved.

Gearbox Updates 07/10/20

Enhancements We have updated the Komatsu Komtrax integration – previously users had to manually import odometer and hourmeter readings via a CSV but now Gearbox automatically downloads meter readings from Komtrax. The Mass Verification screen has been improved with a new arrangement of fields so that it is easier for […]

Gearbox Updates 22/09/20

We have resolved a bug that was preventing part bin numbers from being displayed on the Service, Repair and Tyre jobcards. We have also added a Bin Number column to the Parts table on the Service, Repair and Tyre edit screens so that parts are easier to locate. For NZ […]

Gearbox Updates 14/09/20

We have made some improvements to the training reports. The Open Training report now includes training records that are open but have expired. Training Notes fields have been added to the Trainings Due and Closed Training reports. A few new Disposal types have been added into Gearbox: Traded, End Lease, […]

Gearbox Updates 07/09/20

A column for Purchase Price has been added to the Maintenance Running Cost and Maintenance Running Cost CPK/CPH reports. This information will be useful for customers deciding whether to keep or sell a vehicle. The purchase price can be recorded in the Financials tab on the Vehicle Edit screen. We […]

Gearbox Updates 31/08/20

We have made some improvements to the Load Sheet XLSX Report. Columns have been added to show the steer weight, drive weight and individual weight of each trailer. We have also fixed one of the columns to correctly display the vehicle’s mass scheme. To make tracing parts usage easier, we […]

Gearbox Updates 25/08/20

We have made some improvements to the Procon integration to make it work more smoothly for customers using Procon v5. There was a bug preventing the Services Due by Kms/Hours/Days reports from grouping vehicles together based on their Group or Subgroup. This was adding a lot of blank space to […]

Prestart Native Updates 20/08/20

We have improved the sync logic to check that data is up to date when Prestart is reopened from the background. Closed repairs are no longer listed in the app, so that they don’t get in the way when users look for an open repair item. Prestarts now cannot be […]

Gearbox Updates 17/08/20

We have made improvements to the sorting of vehicles in the Services Due by Kms, Hours and Days reports. Previously, the items in these reports were not displayed in any particular order. Now they are shown in order of the next service due. The services due soon appear at the […]