Fleet Complete (Securatrak) Integration

Gearbox is now integrated with Fleet Complete. When configured, Gearbox will connect to Fleet Complete to collect vehicle odometer readings for use in calculating Services Due and Running Costs. To configure Fleet Complete please contact us with your Fleet Complete supplied Database, Username, and Password.

Add Non Conformance Reports from Load Sheets

NCR’s can now be generated directly from Load Sheets. Key information will copy across to the NCR to prevent duplicate data entry. The Load Sheet and Non-Conformance Report will also be linked for auditing purposes. This feature is available for load sheets entered into Prestart or manually entered into Gearbox.

Import Suppliers/Repairers from Excel

Suppliers and Repairers can now be imported into Gearbox from Excel. Head to the Repairers section and click on the Import button to download the template and upload files. We’ve also improved the import process to better handle the larger files, improve validation of data and ultimately performance.  

Report Optimisation & Delivery

Reporting in Gearbox has been updated to better handle larger reports. When clicking the “PDF” or “XLSX”, your report will begin generating in the background, then open in a new tab when ready. This allows you to continue working in Gearbox without waiting for your report. This method is gradually […]

Email to Gearbox

You can now email as well as dragging and dropping files into Gearbox. Forward emails straight from your Inbox or configure your scanner to email files directly into the documents section for tagging to an existing or new record. ​Contact us to have this feature enabled.