Merge Repairers

Mistakes happen. We’ve added a tool to let you merge Repairers together in Gearbox. When you merge two Repairers together, one of the Repairers will be archived and all related Services, Repairs, Tyres etc will be moved to the nominated Repairer.

Inspection Imports

Gearbox now allows Inspections to be imported from XLS and CSV formats. For customers using the Safe Load Program, Gearbox will accept the native format of the Inspections XLS file export from the Safe Load Program. Inspection checklist items can also be imported to expedite the setup of Inspection Jobcards.

MTData Integration

Gearbox now accepts scheduled reports from MTData (Hawkeye’s Utilisation Report) to update Odometer and Hourmeter readings. Please contact us for assistance in configuring this integration. More MTData integrations to come.

Vehicle Notes / Audit Trail

We’ve added a new feature on the Vehicle History screen to automatically keep track of changes to key data including Fleet Number, Registration, Registration Due and Odometer/Hour Meter offsets. Users can also manually add notes.

Feature added to Prestart Native

Similar to the functionality in the Prestart web app, Prestart Apple and Android app users now have access to existing open repairs and faults when selecting fail during a Prestart. This lets the user record a fail, but prevents creating multiple fault reports in Gearbox for the same issue.

New Prestart Function

The Latest Prestarts Matrix has been updated to include additional Prestart status information. When a fault report has been actioned, the grid will change from Red to Yellow. Clicking on a grid and selecting ‘Not Used’ on a vehicle will change the grid to black.

Service eJobcard Update

In the coming days, we will be updating the way that eJobcards are accessed in the system. Instead of waiting for a new page to load (and subsequently unload), we have merged the Service and eJobcard into a single view. All existing functionality remains the same, however the number of […]