Print Sample Prestart Report

Some of our customers have requested the ability to be able to print sample or blank prestarts from Gearbox for auditing purposes. This feature has been added and can be accessed in Settings > Prestarts by clicking on the PDF button for the relevant checklist.

Netcorp Integration

Gearbox now integrates with Netcorp GPS. When configured, Gearbox will connect to Netcorp every night to collect odometer and hourmeter readings. This in turn updates the Services Due feature in Gearbox. Please contact us for assistance in setting up this integration.

Prestart Native Updates

Fuel has been added to the native Prestart app. This means you can record Fuel whilst offline, and the data will be sent to Gearbox when you are next using the app online. We have added the ability to set custom list names if your checklists don’t follow the “Daily, […]

Merge Repair Types

We’ve added a tool to merge Repair Types in Gearbox. When you merge two Repair Types, all records associated with the old Repair Type will be updated to match the new Repair Type. The old Repair Type will be removed from your system.

Prestart Web Updates

The option to mark questions as “Critical” has been added to the Prestart web app. Enabling this option means that if a driver fails a critical question, they will be instructed to avoid operating the asset and the remaining prestart questions will be skipped. We’ve also added the option for […]

Online Support Bookings

Sometimes it’s handy to have a little refresher from time to time. To make life easier, we’ve added a shortcut in the user menu so that you can book an online tour of Gearbox. In the same booking portal, you can also book a full training session, extended online support […]

Completed Prestart History (Web Version)

The Prestart web app now provides more information about completed prestarts to assist users in demonstrating compliance during a random inspection / intercept. To access the information, click ‘Prestart’ on the main menu and scroll to the bottom of the page to view recently completed prestarts.

User Settings Updated

The Gearbox user settings area has been updated to provide a clearer representation of user permissions and available features under your subscription. Setting up a user is now easier with predefined templates and the ability to configure daily email notification settings.