Prestart Billing

How it’s billed Prestart is currently billed at $5/user per month and our billing cycle runs on the 15th of each month. You will only be charged for the Prestart users that created a Prestart within the billing month. Example 1 I have two Prestart users (John and Bill) which […]

MTData Integration Setup

You must have a business email setup to complete these steps. Please contact support requesting your business email is setup. Gearbox uses the registration in MTData to match vehicles. Therefore, the registration in MTData must match the registration in Gearbox. The MTData Integration allows you to forward the “Utilisation Report” […]

Action a Fault Report

This article assumes there are existing Open Fault Reports in your system. Click the ‘Repairs’ (1) option in the sidebar or click the ‘Maintenance’ (2) dropdown and select ‘Repairs’ (3): Click the ‘Fault Reports’ (1) button: Find the Fault Report you wish to action in the table and click it: […]

Add / Edit Contractor Reminder

Click the ‘Compliance’ (1) dropdown and select ‘Reminders’ (2): Click the ‘New Reminder’ (1) or click an existing Contractor Reminder in the table to edit it: Select an existing ‘Contractor’ (1), select the ‘Type’ (2) and enter the ‘Expiry Date’ (3). The remaining fields are optional: The ‘Dismiss expiry warning’ […]

Add / Edit Vehicle Service Part(s)

You must have Parts in your system prior to adding Vehicle Service Parts. Follow this article to add Parts. Click ‘Vehicles’ (1) in the sidebar or click ‘Maintenance’ (2) and select ‘Vehicles’ (3): Select the vehicle you want to add a Vehicle Service Part to: Click the ‘Parts’ (1) tab […]

Add / Edit a Non Conformance

Click the ‘Compliance’ (1) dropdown and select ‘Non Conformances’ (2) from the dropdown: Click the ‘New NCR’ (1) button or click an existing entry in the table to edit it: The only required field is ‘NCR/SFI’ (2) but it is highly recommended you fill the information highlighted below. ‘Scheme’ (1), […]

Add / Edit Non Conformance Types

Click your user icon (1) in the top-right of the screen and select ‘Settings’ (2) from the dropdown: On the left-hand side of the screen, scroll down until you find ‘Non Conformance Types’ (1), click this entry: Click the ‘Add New Type’ (1) button to add a new NCR Type […]

Gearbox Save Options

Gearbox has several save options to streamline your workflow, the effect of each option may not be immediately obvious though. Save and Close Saves the current item and returns you to the previous page. For example, clicking ‘Save and Close’ on a Vehicle will save the changes made on the […]

Add / Edit a Permit

To create or edit an existing Permit please see the steps below. Creating & Editing a Permit On the top navigation bar click Compliance and then select Permits. Alternatively, if already in the Compliance module click Permits on the left-hand side navigation bar. On the Permits page there are a […]

Edit Permit Settings

Click your user icon (1) in the top-right of the screen and click ‘Settings’ (2): You will be taken to the Business Settings view, scroll down on this view until you find the below two settings: You can simply click the number to edit it. This will update the Permit […]