Exporting Data

Reports in Gearbox are available in PDF and XLSX format. Use Gearbox’s XLSX reports to for additional columns and the ability to filter results within Microsoft Excel. Each section of Gearbox has a Reports button located at the right-hand side of the menu to access all related reports: Capturing all […]

Gearbox WIISE Integration with Purchase Orders

Gearbox integrates with WIISE by pushing and updating Purchase Orders created in Gearbox to WIISE. When a Purchase order is completed in Gearbox, the user clicks on Export To WIISE    If the purchase order is edited after the export, clicking Export To WIISE again will update the existing Purchase […]

Vehicle Traffic Light

Overview Gearbox features a Traffic Light to provide a single overall status for a vehicle. The traffic light takes into account date, kms and hour based alerts to determine a Green, Orange or Red status for a vehicle. Red Traffic Light If any alerts that contribute to the overall vehicle […]

User Management: Mark User as Inactive

If a Gearbox user leaves your business or no longer requires access to the Gearbox system, be sure to mark them as inactive in the system to prevent unnecessarily paying for their login. In the top-right corner of Gearbox, click your user icon (1) and from the drop-down menu select […]

Eroad Telematics Integration

Gearbox integrates with EROAD to collect vehicle odometer and hour meter readings on a nightly basis. The data is uploaded into Gearbox as a Mileage/Odometer reading.   To connect Gearbox to EROAD, Gearbox requires a specific API address  and Token login for your account that is only provided upon your […]

Batch Scanning

The Documents module has been updated to allow bulk processing of documents. You can for example upload all your vehicle registration papers and ‘tag’ them to the relevant asset without having to upload and tag one-by-one. You can then ‘tag’ these documents to existing Vehicle, Service, Repair, Tyre or Prestart […]

EasyAllocate Integration

Our integration with EasyAllocate will create new vehicles, update vehicle service statuses, allow EasyAllocate users to receive notifications of scheduled services to approve or deny, track daily plant hours and vehicle monthly income EasyAllocate Integration

Mechanic Login

We have added a new permission type to Gearbox that allows for a Mechanic to create and edit Repairs, Services and Tyres as well as view vehicle information. This limited access login type also comes at a reduced price of $75 per month.

Sites Filter on Service Screen

You can now assign a service to a site if you have multiple workshops. The Service screen now allows you to filter by those sites/locations. Multi-sites need to be enabled in your system for this feature to be available – please contact us (support@gearbox.com.au) to have this feature enabled.