Gearbox Updates 01/06/21

Enhancements The process of reordering parts has been simplified with a Reorder button added to the Stocktake Parts and Reorder Parts tables. The part reorder will be appended to the first open PO found with a matching repairer. If no PO record exists, a new one will be created. Additional […]

Gearbox Updates 20/05/21

Enhancements A Used Parts Summary Report has been added to Gearbox. It shows the current stock level and quantity used for the period, without showing every transaction. The aim of the report is to help users make decisions about reorder levels. The report is available in both PDF and XLSX […]

Gearbox Updates 13/05/21

Bug Fixes When creating a new service via the Save and Copy button, unnecessary information such as the previous vehicle’s scheduled kms and hour readings were autofilling into the new record. This has been fixed so that kms and hour readings are not carried over from one service record to […]

Gearbox Updates 03/05/21

Enhancements Inspection records are now searchable via the Global Search in the top navigation bar. Just like Service and Repair records, when an Inspection job is searched (in format I-XXX), exact or similar results will be displayed. The Dynafleet integration has been updated in response to changes in the API […]

Gearbox Updates 27/04/21

Enhancements Updates have been made to the Parts Used reports. Columns have been added for BIN/Location and Repairer. We have also added the functionality to run the reports grouped by Site (for systems with multi-site inventory enabled). The Wiise integration has been improved so that purchase order documents can be […]

Gearbox Updates 19/04/21

Bug Fixes Cancelled repairs were not displaying their closed date or closing mileage readings on the Maintenance History table or Vehicle History reports, giving users the impression that they were still open. We have fixed this issue so that the closed information is displayed on the table and reports. A […]

Gearbox Updates 12/04/21

Enhancements We have changed the Vehicle History table to only show the closed date, mileage and hour readings if the record is closed to help users know whether or not a job has been completed. Bug Fixes When exporting purchase orders to Xero with tracking categories configured, users were unable […]

Gearbox Updates 31/03/21

Enhancements We have updated the Procon integration to cater for customers who are using Procon v5 and do not use the vehicle rego field. Bug Fixes Parts that were marked as received on a PO were not updating the part’s stock levels and were also not appearing in the part’s […]

Gearbox Updates 25/03/21

Enhancements The process of uploading relevant documents when updating a rego has been streamlined. Now when clicking the ‘Update Registration Due’ button on the Registration Due table, users can upload documents directly to the popup. Other records are also automatically created with the information entered in the rego and CTP […]

Gearbox Updates 17/03/21

Enhancements Columns for vehicle Make and Model have been added to the Maintenance Running Costs XLSX reports so that it is easier for users to identify which vehicle the record relates to. We have added the ‘Assigned to’ name to the Repairer column of the Open and Closed Inspection tables. […]