Running Costs CPK/CPH report

A new report has been added to the Vehicles section for Running Costs. The Running Costs CPK/CPH report provides cents per km and hour costs against Services, Repairs, Tyres, Fuel and other as well as a cumulative total. Filter the report by Groups, Subgroups and Date.

Fit For Duty

Fit For Duty has been added to the Prestart web app. User access is enabled in the Prestart settings section of the employee screen as well as the nominated checklist. Similar to Prestarts, results are displayed in the format on the Fit For Duty page. Apple & Android soon to […]

System Optimisations

We’ve been very busy updating the core of the Gearbox system to improve performance.  We’ve just completed a major database upgrade and are slowly introducing new methods to improve loading times for long lists and reports. This is a gradual implementation to minimise any potential disruption to the system.

Volvo Dynafleet Integration

Gearbox is now integrated with Volvo Dynafleet. When configured, Gearbox will connect to Dynafleet to collect vehicle odometer readings for use in calculating Services Due and Running Costs. Please contact us to configure this integration.  

Service Labour Times

We’ve added an easier way to log Labour Times to Services. Mechanic users may only log time against themselves, full Gearbox users can log time against themselves or for other users. Add a read-only user if you need to record time against an individual that is not a Gearbox system user.

Prestart Android App

Prestart for Android has now been released. The Android app allows you to carry out Prestarts & Fault Reports offline (without internet). Find Prestart on the Google Play store: Prestart Android

Updated Service History Screen

Vehicle Service History has been updated to provide better feedback in relation to servicing interval compliance. Services completed within the tolerance for kms, hours or days will appear green, and services outside the tolerance appear red. The actual interval will also be displayed showing the interval from the last relevant service. […]

Xero Integration

Xero Integration is now live. Purchase Orders may be pushed from Gearbox directly into Xero to prevent double entry. Purchase Order Items still need to be marked as received in Gearbox to ensure that stock levels are updated. For more information: