Gearbox Updates 27/09/21

We are moving away from this Support site. Our new site can be found here. All knowledge base articles can be found at the new site, and from 4th October, the Gearbox updates posts will only be made on the new site. Enhancement Custom warning intervals can now be configured […]

Gearbox Updates 20/09/21

Enhancement Email notifications can now be sent out when users complete load sheets. Go to the Active Users table to configure whether users receive notifications when load sheets are completed, or when load sheets are completed and overloaded. The email notifications are only sent out for load sheets created in […]

Gearbox Updates 16/09/21

Enhancement In Prestart Web, the current highest meter readings have been added to the screen at the end of a prestart where odometer and hourmeter readings are entered. This should prevent users from entering incorrect numbers. Bug Fixes Users with read-only access to Settings but Standard or higher permissions in […]

Gearbox Updates 24/08/21

New Feature Inspection ejobcards have been added to Gearbox. They function very similarly to service ejobcards, with the checklist items, tyregram and brake testing sections. You can configure the mechanic and manager signoff statements in Settings > Inspection Types. Enhancements Prestart users can now enter decimal places into the odometer […]

Gearbox Updates 10/08/21

Enhancement When terminating an employee, all of the associated reminders, medicals and training records will automatically be archived. Their mobile number will also be removed in case they move to another company that also uses Gearbox, so the number can be added to their new system as their Prestart login. […]

Gearbox Updates 27/07/21

Enhancement We have added a history table to all import functions in Gearbox. The table shows when the import was done, the user that did it and whether it was successful or not. Users can also see a list of the data that was imported and admin users can revert […]

Recording Covid Tests in Gearbox

For businesses affected by the latest Health NSW Public Health Orders, some drivers are required to be tested for Covid-19 every 3 days. To track these in Gearbox, go to Settings and add a new Medical Type called “Covid-19 72 Hour” or similar. Create a new medical the first time a […]

Gearbox Updates 19/07/21

Bug Fixes We have updated the Procon integration to check the vehicle status in Procon before importing the meter readings into Gearbox. This will prevent incorrect readings being transferred to Gearbox from vehicles that have a ‘suspended’ status. The Vehicle Purchase Order XLSX Report was failing to generate for businesses […]

Gearbox Updates 21/06/21

Enhancement We have added a popup to Prestart letting users know when a new version is available for download. It is important to use the latest version of Prestart to get new features, improvements and bug fixes. From the popup, users can download the latest version or snooze the alert. […]

Gearbox Updates 16/06/21

Bug Fixes Repairs with Monitor, Deferred or Cancelled status were not being displayed when looking at Current Open Repairs on Prestart Native. This has been fixed so that all repairs that are not closed are displayed. We have also added the status of each Repair work order to the screen. […]