Gearbox Updates 03/08/20

We have added a Job # column to the Open, Closed, Deferred and Monitored Repairs XLSX reports, so any information entered into the Job # field on the Repair edit screen will appear on the relevant report. Additional columns have been added to the Parts edit screen to show more […]

Gearbox Updates 27/07/20

Inspection jobs can now be created from fault reports. Clicking on the “New Inspection” button brings up the inspection edit screen. The inspection type is set to “fault report” by default but users can change the type to whatever best describes the inspection. Fault reports can also be linked to […]

Gearbox Updates 21/07/20

Here’s what we worked on last week: An Equipment Issues table has been added to the Vehicle Information screen under the Parts tab. This table will help users monitor equipment allocations and track replacements for each vehicle. There was a bug with the XLSX Labour Report staying in processing mode […]

Gearbox Updates 13/07/20

Here’s what we were working on last week: We have made a few improvements to the Linked Asset report. Assets that are not linked to any other asset have been removed from the report to make it easier to read. Additionally, we have improved the formatting of the PDF report […]

Gearbox Updates 03/07/20

Here’s a look at what we’ve been working on this week: A new Labour Hours report has been added to Gearbox. It shows labour hours per Mechanic for each job in a specified date range. To view the report, go to Users > Reports. It is available in both PDF […]

Gearbox Updates 26/06/20

Several bugs in Gearbox have been fixed this week, including the following: We resolved an issue with incorrect calculations on the Compliance dashboard. Spare fields 19 and 20 were not being displayed. They can now be found under the Settings tab on a vehicle’s information page. When viewing the All […]

Print/Email Employee Reminders

We’ve recently added the Open Reminders report for Employees. This report will list all expiring Training, Medical and Reminder records for an employee. If a valid email address has been added for the employee, you can also email the report directly to them.

Automatically Add Service Vehicle Parts

A “Copy Parts to Vehicle” button has been added to the Service View form which allows users to copy the current service parts to the vehicle, including quantity and service type. This will make it faster to fill out the Service View form in future as the parts saved for […]

Prestart: Mark Faults as Resolved

We have added a new feature to Prestart to allow users to “Mark Faults as Resolved”. This can be enabled on an individual user (employee) level. The Fault Reports table in Gearbox will indicate which user marked the fault as resolved. This does not automatically archive the fault report. The feature has […]